Car Owner Solutions

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We provide a host of tailor made solutions for vehicle owners in Kenya. Our services are related to enhancing:

  • Vehicle Sourcing
  • Indipendent Inspection
  • Vehicle Finance
  • Vehicle Insurance
  • Vehicle Parts & Accessories
  • Car Maintenance


Vehicle Sourcing

Source your vehicle from our listed suppliers or through our specialised sourcing agents.

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Indipendent Inspection

Get indipendt vehicle inspection to help you make a better informed decision when buying your car.

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Vehicle Finance

Get multiple vehicle finance options to finance your vehicle purchase or access to needed cash.

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Vehicle Parts & Accessories

Enjoy convinient access to vehicle parts and accessories through online shop or sourcing agent.

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Vehicle Insurance

Get convinient access to comprehensive and third party only vehicle insurance.

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Car Maintenance

Get recommendations on verified vehicle repair and maintenance service providers near you.

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